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It’s Not The Ad Blockers That Are The Root Of All Evil

malwareImage yourself walking into a store at a mall. It’s one of the few stores that sells what you like (but not the only one, of course). The contents of the store are limited, but interesting. You decide to have a good, long look around… but before you even reach the first shelves, someone starts tugging at your sleeve, and before you’ve even half turned around to see what’s going on, the sleeve-tugger starts yelling at you about these amazing deals he has in stock for you. By golly, you’re the one-millionth person to walk into this store, and there’s a special prize, just for you, just for that!

While he’s distracting you with his product-pushing antics, someone hidden behind him reaches out and steals your wallet, copies the numbers and security-codes from your credit cards, then stealthily places the wallet back in your pocket, with a dash of anthrax powder added for good measure.

You wave off the sleeve-tugging screamer, and go on to peruse the store’s actual contents, mildly wondering if you might be coming down with something.

By the time you get home you’re too sick to even wonder why a store-owner would allow such practices to take place in his property…

After a lot of medical attention (and learning first-hand that such a near-death experience sure does leave its marks), you find that the store’s actual contents are too interesting to just pass by… but you sure as hell ain’t gonna get caught off-guard like that ever again.

So the next time you walk into that store, you wear a sleeveless shirt and some industrial-grade earplugs, and your wallet has been secured to your person in a locked pouch neatly tucked away under your shirt.

And then, while you’re browsing through all the interesting stuff, someone starts yelling at you through the store’s PA system about you needing to stop stealing his revenue, because the sleeve-tugging guy complained about not having been able to get through to you with either tugging or yelling.

And that, my friend the website owner, is the experience people have when visiting your website during the transition process going from “normal visitor” to “ad-blocking asshole”.

But who, in this scenario, is the actual asshole?

That, my friend the website owner, would, undeniably, be you.

Let me explain to you why you are the asshole. Lees verder It’s Not The Ad Blockers That Are The Root Of All Evil