Ads, Scripts, Privacy and Cookies

Advertisements does not make use of fixed-place advertisements to create what probably amounts to an insignificant influx of pennies anyways (I have an Amazon affiliate account, but all my monthly reports tell my I have earned $0.00 – because I just never get around to actually using it).

So I don’t even have to ask you to whitelist the site if you happen to use something like AdBlock+. *insert smiley face here*

I pay for the hosting and bandwidth, myself. It’s a hobby thing, why should you, dear visitor, suffer for that? If I ever place ads, I’ll adjust this disclaimer and even post an article to let you know why I sold out.

Scripts does make use of some JavaScript, mostly for presentational purposes (part of the WordPress theme being used) to make the site appear correctly in different browsers and on smartphones.


I try to keep the site updated with the latest available security patches to mitigate exploits that could pose a risk to you, the visitor. Unfortunately, I’m not in control of stuff that happens outside of this website, so I’ll try and keep active content restricted to where it’s unavoidable to avoid adding more script than necessary.


WordPress makes use of cookies to track visitor stats (anonymized, as far as I understand), and site settings (chosen language in this site’s case). Because no advertising is used, this site will not place any junk food on your system, though. No DoubleClick or Zedo or any of that happy crappy.


I don’t gather any data other than simple visitor stats (see above). Even if I did, I would not sell, lease, rent or give away any of it to anyone else.

I have not been asked (or been told to) to divulge any information by Interpol, the FBI, NSA, CIA, US DoD, US DoJ, UK Secret Service or the City of London Police, the RIAA, MPAA, RightsCorp or any other entity involved with spying on people or serving their own special kind of justice, national or international.

That said (third parties and all that):

Whenever I share files I made myself, they’ll be presented through the services of the good lads and ladettes at Microsoft (through their OneDrive file sharing system).

Links that point to external sites will open in a new window/tab (if you allow your browser to do so); I have, of course, no control whatsoever over their scripts, cookies, privacy statements and advertisements.

… because easier is better